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February 2008

"Ren Hanami is a treat as Lady Thiang..."
King and I Final Tableau
Photo by Rich Miller. Ren Hanami-Lady Thiang, Victoria Strong-Anna & Jared Lee-King.
Calaveras Enterprise
"Ren Hanami is a treat as Lady Thiang, the king's 'head wife'; she has a glorious singing voice and a demure-yet-knowing demeaner. Hearing her sing 'Something Wonderful' sends chills of joy."
Calaveras Complete Review
Download pdf file of review

Modesto Bee

"Ren Hanami is saintly as the head wife, Lady Thiang, and offers a touching rendition of the ballad 'Something Wonderful.'"

Hatsu's big break... "Other enjoyable displays of pageantry include a parade with a Chinese dragon and a small live dog..."
"Exemplary performances... Ren Hanami as Lady Thiang, the king's first wife."
Download pdf file of reviewLady Thiang
Lady Thiang, Hatsu and the King
Ren as Lady Thiang
February 2 - April 6, 2008

Sonora, California!

Photos by Rich Miller

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